celebrate His birth

Merry Christmas

A scene in Africa

Words from America

With a Message for the World


fun for the little ones

 Ron loves making things.
He is happiest when he has a project.
Wendy wanted some seating just for the kids.
So Ron got to work, and here is what  he made.
Now the kids have picnic tables to match the big ones.
Here they are, full of giggles at anything new.
We always learn gratefulness for the little things,
from these special sweet kids.


a different view

Here is Africa.

A satellite snapshot.

Oh the beauty of God's creation.



 Herons are by far my favorite bird here in Africa.
They are quiet and graceful, with beautiful long necks, 
looking thoughtful and patient, elegant in flight. 
Usually they are found along the Indian Ocean shores. 
One day we had this in our yard.
A Blue Heron.
Appearing to quietly check us out.
In a moment he was gone.
Reminder- don't miss the little cool stuff
God has for us each day.